ROYAL ADVISORY SESSION: Clear Your Calendar For This one-Time Royal Advisory Session

Discover the Power of Hope
and Align with Your True Purpose

Discover the secrets to unlocking hope, aligning with your divine purpose, 
and achieving lasting fulfillment in life and business.

President of Creed Corps Coaching







10:00 AM

Here's what you'll learn:

The Power and Necessity of Hope: Hope is essential for preventing despair and adds adventure to your faith, driving your mission and assignments.
Aligning with Your Divine Assignment: Knowing your divine assignment brings alignment, fulfillment, and effortless flow in your unique gifts and purpose.
The Life-Preserving Quality of Your Calling: Pursuing your calling enhances longevity and vitality, providing purpose and fulfillment even after retirement.

About Carlton

With over 20 years in training and personal development, Carlton is an award-winning trainer, coach, consultant, and speaker who excels in leadership and performance. 

Overcoming challenges with stuttering and self-confidence, Carlton inspires individuals and organizations to win by aligning with their unique design and core strengths. His esteemed clients include Regent University, Verizon, the U.S. Marine Corps, and Accenture. 

Carlton has served in various ministry roles and is the president of Creed Corps Coaching and Consulting and Carlton Reed Seminars. 

He authored "Weapons of Mass Production: 21 Days to Uncommon Productivity with God." Carlton lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with his wife, Joyce, and their two sons, Christian and Paul.

Here's a Peak Into What Carlton will be Sharing 

This Royal Advisor Session is for you if:

You're seeking inspiration and strategies to overcome hopelessness and reignite your passion.
You want to discover and align with your divine assignment for a more fulfilled and meaningful life..
You're an entrepreneur, mother, father, or just someone needing strength and perseverance to navigate challenging times.
You desire to unlock your unique gifts and flow effortlessly in your God-given purpose.

About Your Host

Roger Gauthier, known as the Entrepreneurial Composer, has over 30 years of experience empowering individuals and organizations. With more than 20 start-ups launched, he's skilled in executive coaching, strategy, marketing, and business development. As Executive Director of Advancing The Kingdom's Vision, SSM, and host of "Walking Out Your Destiny" and "Atomic Minute" podcasts, Roger guides entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams. Creator of the Warriors Wealth Network, he shares 5 core wealth sets. Roger's journey, marked by revelations about love, peace, and true life, fuels his commitment to spiritual growth and personal development. Join him in a journey of spiritual discovery and digital entrepreneurship towards a meaningful destiny.

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